Acuta Cares

Yes, we are small,
but believe our social impact
can be off the charts.

Acuta Cares

The work that we do plays a critical role in leveling the playing field for so many. But, the need grows greater every day. People in disenfranchised environments and circumstances don’t feel empowered. Education and important research initiatives lack critical support. The voiceless often go unheard. We hear them. We believe information technology, and all its by-products, is one of the greatest equalizers of our century. Therefore, we are using our platform to make a difference in two ways:

Acuta Funds

We believe in shifting the paradigm of typical "giving" from a few donating large gifts to harnessing the power and impact of small donations made by many. Small businesses can make a big impact. By design, we hope our model of indirectly exposing others to charitable acts becomes infectious through business and nonprofit communities alike.

Here is how AcutaFunds works:

  1. A super-amazing client pays Acuta for a project cost of $30,000 or greater.
  2. Super-amazing client informs us that they want a percentage of the project cost (up to 2%) to be donated to a U.S. 501(c)(3) organization(s) of their choice*.
  3. On behalf of the super-amazing client, we will donate the identified amount out of our own bottom-line of the project to the selected organization(s). THIS IS AT NO ADDITIONAL COST to our super-amazing client. If a nonprofit is not selected, we reserve the right to donate to one or more of our favorite organizations.
  4. Team Acuta and super-amazing client gives each other a high five knowing the world is a better place; one project, and donation, at a time.

By way of offering a $3,000 grant every six (6) months, we provide pro-bono services to a nonprofit in need. Interested, or want to pass along to a nonprofit that is near and dear to you? Click here for more information about the grant or to simply share the link.

Not ready to get involved or would like to be kept up to date? Get on our email list if you would like to receive Acuta’s Social Giving notifications, deadlines, updates and tips.


    *Acuta Digital reserves the right not to donate its funds to an organization that encourages or promotes intolerance or discrimination towards persons of any race, color, sex, creed, religion, age or disability. Acuta Digital cannot donate AcuFunds back to the client that has contracted us for services.